SB Mount Resort

Two brothers Badrish and Brij dream to do something in Uttrakhand. SB Mount Resort was initially a cow farm with name Silgarh Dairy. We had started our business in thr year October 2008. With the vision of Mr Badrish Dutt we started the daily business with 4 cows later in the stage we reached to 26 #. We sucessfully run this business for 3 and half years.Later we plan to switch this business and start constructing this Hotel name SB Mount Resort.

SB Mount Resort at Lansdowne Uttarakhand offers a truly private space comfort Ambience in professionally designed rooms. It is possibly the next Best thing to your home with adequate style, pet friendly atmosphere, comfort & space.

Resort always try to promote silence and nature and prefer customers with the same understanding except few celebrating occasions. Best place for monsoon lovers and specially winters breakfast in sunshine and along with river gives you the best feel.